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User Agreement

  • The user will accept that trading (acquisition and sale) of digital currency such as Bitcoin, BitGem, and other includes chances of risk factors which will be performed by self-interest without any motivation from Spicex.
  • The regular fee fluctuations may boom or decrease the values of the digital asset and you accept it with your full interest.
  • Our organization reserves the right to alter top up, and withdrawal limits for your account as we deem necessary in any instances with or without your viewpoint. However, you can request the explanation.
  • Being a trader or any role as a user of, you are accepting the fact that we have no obligation for any losses which you incur as a right away or an oblique result of the website.
  • Spicex is not a financial group, bank, credit union, business firm, or trust. Consequently, we exist only to provide the medium to perform the exchange operations for digital assets.
  • The blend of information and services offered by us are solely for informational purposes and are not meant to offer legal, financial, tax, accounting or investment advice, and any recommendations. We suppose no legal responsibility for any information provided by means of our employees, administrators, or affiliates in any communication channel.
  • If trading and promoting digital currency isn't a legal act in your country, avoid using any of our services. Failure to comply with regional legal guidelines may additionally result in the loss of your account and any assets transaction leading to legal action.
  • Irrespective of the situation and requirement, you agree not to copy or modify any data from the, without our concern.
  • With all due respect, you abide the ethical rules, and in any situation ready to prove that you are not a criminal, aren't related to any illegal interest and the assets used in trading under our roof. Also, ensure not under the influence of the illegitimate act.
  • Spicex holds an authority to cancel potentially excessive-risk pinnacle withdrawals from Ethereum wallets, along with top-ups made usage of reversible payment functions.
  • In order to use the Spicex services, a user should register in our portal at with all the necessaries such as username, e-mail id, password, and accepting the Terms and Conditions, User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We hold a control over to refuse your account.