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What is Bitcoin?

It's a digital currency!

Bitcoin is known for fast, secure and low-cost payments without much influence of central issuer, processor and complex formalities. The facility offers easy storage and amazing ease to transfer the currency via electronic medium from private wallets.

How to start trading on Spicex platform?

We keep it simple and to the point!

Register with us by providing your personal details such as name, e-mail Id, password, and your acceptance to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy (provide the link), then follow the onscreen instructions to initiate trading.

What type of currencies I can trade with Bitcoins?

All to none!

We have an extensive set of options for trading Bitcoins and it varies as per your need, although euros and US dollars are commonly observed.

How to buy digital currencies for BTC or ETH, also other currencies?

It's a process of a few minutes!

↠ Create an account on our official website (give a link)
↠ Provide your e-mail address and password as per your convenience
↠ Check your mailbox You will receive the link attached with a message to you-mail, hit the link to activate your account
↠ Sign in, and your account is set to perform the exchange operation using Speicex services

How much does Spicex charge in trading fees?

It's affordable!

The price structure formulated considering various aspects of customer convenience, hence the fees start from 0% to the minimum and maximum values depending upon your trading interest. To know the present details about Fees, click here (give the link here).

What could be the reason behind an unsuccessful deposit of my digital asset?

Its rare chance that you encounter such situations!

You need to ensure the below steps before making any further move:
↠ Recheck the withdrawal request received from the sender
↠ You need to block confirmation on the Blockchain medium
↠ ) It is advised to ensure the eventual deposits of assets into recipient/destination account after the completion of formal procedures

What if I forget my password?

Fret not!

It is easy to get into your account again with the new password in just a few minutes, click on this link: https://spicex..... and follow the on-screen instructions

Is it possible to install the wallet on multiple computers?

Yes, of course!

You just need to copy wallet.dat from Spicex temporary files in the respective machines (computers) and wait patiently for while as machine refreshes the system and allows you to use the wallet on multiple computers.