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Welcome to SpicEx

Spicex is an international digital trading and exchange platform, allowing users to buy and sell Virtual Financial Assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and various other digital currencies in a secure and reliable way.

The significant growth of digital assets led us to form a team of enthusiastic professionals from a different part of the world to help traders to sell, buy and exchange the currencies in a sophisticated way without any complexity in the process. As a result, Spicex is formulated and we have given wings to it in the form of innovation to fly new heights.

Why us?

We work on the needs of our customers: Our professionals work consistently to understand the customer's requirement by studying the market analysis report, market trends, and customer feedback.

Variety of asset choices for trading: You will have options for both popular and rare crypto currencies under one roof, hence it is beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and NEM.

Your access is well protected: An additional layer of protection is used to guard the passwords and authentication process to limit the hazardous attempts.

Advanced order system of trading: Our algorithmic orders types allow you to experience the unique approach to trade in multiple sources without any glitches.

Industry professional support team: Your queries will be answered quickly in an efficient way, all day, every day.

"We have tech savvies, financial professionals, and experienced support team on board to provide the fast result as a market oriented solution to the customers. Nevertheless, minimizing the gap between traders and the happenings around the crypto world is our primary goal."

SPICEX is for

  • Both experienced and a beginner crypto currency investors
  • One who likes simplicity and low fees structure
  • One who prefers paying through credit card, debit card, bank transfer or bank wire in a safe and secure way
  • Those who are located around the world and enthusiastic about trading crypto currency

Benefits of trading on SPICEX platform

  • Easy to use interface and secure exchanges in terms of functionality and server operations
  • Convincing liquidity, ensuring the higher exchange volumes
  • Cost-effective exchange fees structure
  • Instant solution for your queries
  • Availability of well-known and least expected trading pairs